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Why PR and why use under-the-edge media?

Definitions of the term Public Relations (PR) are many and varied. It can mean different things to different people and some would argue that it is simply a form of marketing. Certainly there is a very fine dividing line between some PR and marketing activities but it is fair to say that marketing means paying to ‘push’ a message out to potential customers. On the other hand the Chartered Institute of Public Relations defines PR as being ‘about reputation – the result of what you do, what you say and what others say about you.’ If you know how to go about it then it can mean lots and lots of free publicity.

Research shows that it is 50% easier to sell to someone who has already heard good things about your business in reputable media.

Small businesses often attempt to undertake their own publicity when trying to increase their profile. This means that instead of concentrating on the business in hand their attention is being diverted into areas where they have limited or no experience thereby affecting their efficiency and productivity. It makes much better financial sense to buy in the expertise as and when required. The larger, more expensive PR consultancies tend to operate in regional, national or global activities whereas under-the-edge media is aimed at the small business by supplying a very personal, local and much cheaper service.

Let under-the-edge media do it all for you.

To use a service like this is an investment. You must expect to spend some money in this activity and from the outset you need to fully aware of the limitations to your budget. Under-the-edge media will commit to giving maximum value for money ... and probably more. It could pay for itself before you know it.

Why not join those that have already taken the initiative? Call now to discuss your requirements.

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