New ideas to boost Wotton

April 14th 2014

See how the Gazette reported the Chamber's Idea Exchange by clicking on the pdf below

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It was standing room only at the Idea Exchange

April 7th 2014

With over forty members and guests attending it was standing room only at the Idea Exchange. The ideas and suggestions were flowing and everyone agreed that it was a great success.

Special effort was taken in writing the notes for the meeting so that every pearl of wisdom could be recorded for the benefit of everyone whether they had been able to attend or not and they are attached here as the usual pdf.

You will see that reference is made to a number of small working parties that either exist now or are in the process of being set up. If you or anyone you know woould like to be involved in any of them or any aspect of the notes strikes a chord or sets off the germ of an idea then our President Alex Wilkinson would love to hear form you.

He can be contacted on 07976272764.

Read, learn and enjoy.

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“Every business in the town should belong to its Chamber of Trade”

April 3rd 2014

See what our new President has said and how the Gazette reported it

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The 2014 Wotton Chamber Calendar of events

February 25th 2014

Open the pdf below for the latest edition of the Chamber's calendar of events 

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Raison d’ętre 2014 - See what Your Chamber is going to do this year!

February 25th 2014

  • Raison d'être, a French phrase meaning "reason for existence"

It might seem a bit strange to be using a french expression but it does sum up nicely the hard work that our new President Alex Wilkinson is putting in to drum up support for our revitalised Chamber. If you open the pdf below you will find a potted summary summary of why he and his Committee believe it is worth the effort and what we are all trying to achieve and what we are doing about it. If you haven't already done so why not join us and be part of the action?

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Gazette reports launch of Wotton in Bloom

February 18th 2014

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Gazette - Chamber comments on closure of NatWest bank

January 31st 2014

See the attached pdf for the Chamber's comments on the impending closure of the town's NatWest bank.

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Hanging baskets to go up in Wotton for the fifth time - hopefully

February 6th 2014

see the attachment for the latest news release

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Reports of the death of our Chamber are greatly exaggerated!

January 27th 2014

Ok! so it is a bit late but a very Happy New Year to all of our members. This is a short note to tell you that following the AGM your new Committee has now met and that you can expect a fresh, revitalised programme of news and events over the coming year.

Following a period of relative quiet over the last six months or so when our President unfortunately moved away from Wotton his predecessor, Alex Wilkinson, has returned to the fold and in exchange for a nominal remuneration he has agreed once again to be President.

One of his first activities will be touring the town to meet with current members, to try and persuade lapsed members to rejoin and to enrol those businesses who for whatever reasons have not yet had the foresight to join us. The bigger we are,  the stronger and more united we will be and our voice will be heard.

You can also expect more networking breakfasts and supper club events. Indeed the first have already been fixed and if the details are not yet on the meetings and events page of our website then it won't be long before they do appear. We can't say too much at this stage but the first supper club meeting is concerned with Royalty. Watch that space for further information.

You can also look forward to a refresh of the web site which, all being well, will introduce a way for you to pay for your membership fees and tickets for events on-line

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