Christmas under the Edge is back on

September 29th 2017

A message from Nicola Palmer:

Great news!! We can confirm that the Christmas Under the Edge street event WILL take place this year.

After we made the difficult decision to cancel and began communicating that out, we received an anonymous donation which will enable us to cover our initial costs.  So, the event will go ahead ... our problem is now that, with this delay,  we are operating in very tight timescales  but will do out best to make this event as successful as we can.

So... if you would still like a stall and haven’t yet submitted an application form please could you do so at your earliest convenience so we can determine how much space we require for the event. Please click on the pdf below for the form..

We apologise for the previous uncertainty of the event and hope you can understand how limited we were by the lack of financial and practical  support but please be assured that we ARE committed to turning this around and providing our town with a community Christmas event. Please help us to spread the word!

Kind regards

Nicola Palmer

(on behalf of Christmas Under the Edge)    

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Please help our friends in Under the Edge Arts by completing their survey

September 12th 2017

Under The Edge Arts are conducting a survey on our town's culture (see the pdf below for the details).

Please help them by completing it yourself and also by circulating it to your contacts.

Many thanks


Wotton Chamber of Trade

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Our President rolls up his sleeves with Wotton in Bloom

July 28th 2017

Martin has already started working with other organisations in the town. He has been spotted buy the Gazette helping to tidy up the approaches to the town. See the pdf below.

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Our new President speaks to the Gazette

July 28th 2017

Our new President, Martin Tucker, has spoken to the Gazette for the first time.

See what he had to say on the pdf below.

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Wotton aiming to become 'Dementia Friendly'

May 5th 2017

‘Trust in You’ is a social enterprise operating mainly in Gloucestershire and the West of England.

They work with individuals and communities to encourage and support them to reach their aspirations whether these are vocational, educational, recreational or based on maintaining and enhancing physical and mental well-being.

Christine Sweet is a Director of ‘Trust in You’ and she is to hold a Dementia Friends session for the Town Council next Tuesday evening, 9th May 2017 at 7pm in the Bradley Room at the Civic Centre.

The Chamber has stated its support in general terms for the town to become ‘dementia friendly’ but, as far as businesses in the town are concerned, the effort needs to come from its members for it to become a reality.

If you would be interested in attending the session then please book a place as soon as possible by contacting Deputy Town Clerk Yasmin Milsom on T - (01453) 843210 or E -

It is anticipated that the session will take around an hour or maybe a little more if participants wish to share ideas afterwards.

Book now for a seat.

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